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Desiree Gawronski

Clinical Psychotherapist, Counsellor, & Criminologist

Master of Psychotherapy & Counselling, Master of Social Science (Counselling) (awarded with Distinction), Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology), Certificate in Welfare Work.

Member Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation Australia (MPACFA): Clinical, Member Australian Counselling Association (MACA): Level 4, Member Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MARCAP), Member Australian College of Community & Disability Practitioners (MACCDP).

Desiree Gawronski is an engaging and highly skilled counsellor with extensive experience. She is registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, and the Australian Counselling Association. In addition to her private practice, Desiree has extensive counselling experience in the not for profit and private sectors. Desiree specialises in providing effective therapeutic support to adults, children, families and couples.


Desiree is warm, patient, compassionate and recognises the uniqueness of each individual and the plethora of challenges and difficulties they may face throughout life. The counselling relationship, provided by Desiree, is one built on empathy, respect and trust so that it is a safe environment where clients can explore and grow. Desiree designs all therapy specifically for the individual client with a flexible, adaptable and diverse use of methods founded on a client-centred approach. Clients can expect to receive unique personal therapy which will assist them to build resilience, obtain personal growth and enhance their well-being.

With an integrated client-centred approach Desiree may combine methods including, but not exclusive to, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness based therapy, Transactional Analysis, Narrative Therapy, Dream Therapy and creative arts therapies. The methods chosen will depend on the unique needs and aims of each client. Therefore, each session can be tailored to the specific concerns the client is experiencing at that time in their life. Diverse methods can be blended so that each client will develop emotionally and reach their personal goals and potential. Each client should leave therapy with more practical skills, emotional confidence and increased self-esteem.


Dan Counselling PIcture.jpg

Daniel Lewis

Specialist Counsellor

Diploma of Counselling

Member Australian Counselling Association (MACA)

Specialty Focus and Training in Relationship, Adolescent, Child, Addiction, and Mental Health including Specialised Report Compilation

In today’s fast-paced and complex world, many people find themselves struggling with the challenges of modern life. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or simply a need for someone to talk to, seeking therapy can be a powerful tool on your journey towards healing and growth.


As a counsellor, Daniel is committed to supporting clients in navigating the complexities of life, and empowering them to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. His approach is collaborative, empathetic, and tailored to meet the unique needs and experiences of each individual, where you can take time to explore your thoughts and emotions. Together, you will work towards developing the skills and insights needed to overcome the challenges you are facing.


At the heart of Daniel’s approach is a deep respect for each person’s unique journey and experience. Together important issues will be identified, and a personalized treatment plan developed that meets your unique needs and goals. This may include exploring past traumas or limiting beliefs, developing coping skills to manage anxiety or depression, or improving communication and relationship skills.


If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey towards greater well-being, Daniel invites you to contact him to learn more about you can work together to achieve your goals

Practice Manager


Graeme Williams

Practice Manager

Accountant & Finance Controller

Graeme is a highly skilled accountant who brings a wealth of experience to our team. Previously he served as the financial controller for a non-profit business organisation specializing in providing support to individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. In this role, Graeme successfully managed all financial and statutory responsibilities, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, Graeme fostered strong relationships with both clients and staff through regular and meaningful interactions.

An important aspect of Graeme's expertise lies in his familiarity with NDIS protocols, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and maintaining high standards of service delivery. Additionally, Graeme proactively collaborated with various government entities, cultivating strong connections to facilitate the efficient operation of the organization.

Graeme is dedicated to the smooth operation of White Star Therapy ensuring compliance, managing accounts, and supporting our staff and clients.

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